What motivates/inspires you?
Curiosity has always motivated me to be more ambitious. Being a creative and a student, I am driven by the process of creating and learning, whether it changes the way I perceive things or inspires me to make more art. I find inspiration from almost everything, whether it’s the conversations I am having with other people or if it is something I notice or feel at a certain moment. 
I can’t recall a particular event that completely changed my life, but the experiences I have gone through in the past and the decisions I made have taught me important lessons for life. Especially over the past two years being away at college, I can say that as much as I have been learning in class, I am learning more about myself and am always getting closer to finding myself everyday. After my first year, I realized that life is a rollercoaster ride, and there are so many ups and downs, and through these waves I am constantly reflecting and growing. There isn’t really an end to knowledge- it almost always leads to development.  

So be open to trying new things and explore what you love doing. Don’t listen to what anyone else thinks, if you know what you want to do then keep working at it. Also, be authentic and real with yourself, whether that’s social, emotional or career. I realized that especially over last year (and am still trying to work through it) , where I was conscious about what other people thought of me and my image to others due to certain experiences I had. I have been trying to focus on myself sometimes, surrounding myself with positive thoughts, reflecting on self-worth, and going after things that excite and motivate me.  
How do you define “health” and what do you do to work towards that?
Health to me is about having a sense of balance, while movement is a process of reaching that. While I do play squash, work out and try to eat healthy, I’m always trying to be aware of what my body is asking for, whether that’s listening to music I like, or meditating, or journaling to write down my thoughts, or talking to a friend or even just getting some sleep. All of these make me feel checked in with myself and feel more balanced.

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