I’m motivated by the curiosity of the outcome, those moments of epiphanies. Being in the design/creative industry, I’m always urged to find inspiration in anything I experience and anyone I meet. So, as I’m in the process of creating anything, the mere procession to an idea can be very exciting and rewarding to me in changing how I perceive things.
In the architecture industry, I do notice an increase in representation of women in the practice even though it’s typically within the domain of men. There are always situations that I wish I could have dealt with differently as a woman, but throughout my career as an architect and artist, I learned to be vocal in the moment the next time I feel undermined as a designer.  
I wouldn’t say I experienced a certain event that immediately altered my life, but small decisions and paths I decided to take in how I present myself as a creative really highlighted the importance of authenticity. When I focused on building on what I naturally have as a creative thinker, I found that I experienced more satisfaction in the work that I do.
My best advice is to be unapologetically authentic. Whether it’s career, social, or personal, to surround yourself with an aura of positive thoughts about your worth as a person and with the way of creating is liberating. This is also in hand with remaining a “sponge”, ready to cultivate as much knowledge as there is because diminishing the need to learn halts development.

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