What motivates you?
I guess what motivates me is the idea that there’s still so much more out there to do. The spectrum of physical and emotional sensation that we haven’t yet experienced is massive and that unknown is really exciting and motivating for me.
With that being said, my advice for anyone trying to find their place anywhere in the world is to just go and grab it, create it, carve it out because no one’s going to give it to you, you can’t ask for permission you just have to go there and sort of squat, just keep squatting until it’s yours!
How do you define movement?
Movement to me is not something that’s necessarily quantifiable, it’s not quantifiable progress, it’s not filling quotas or reaching a certain goal it’s not a number to me movement is just not stopping no matter how hard it gets no matter how stuck you feel it’s pushing and just moving.
Movement is not a destination to arrive at and it’s not a goal to achieve. I think movement Is pushing through even though it feels like stasis, even though you feel stuck, even though it feels like you’re being pulled by quicksand. As long as you are moving, you’re getting somewhere.
How do you define health?
Health is quite an elusive tool because it can be used against you in many ways and industries can weaponize it to sell you products and create needs out of your supposed health. But I think health is really just feeling good and being surrounded by good people. Being in a good space, counting your blessings. I think it’s doing small achievable things for yourself every day and for the people around you. It shouldn’t be expensive shea butter and pudding and chia seeds and all of that new age marketable self care. It’s really just checking in with yourself and making sure you’re in the right place and you feel good and everyone around you feels good because you are there and you’re checked in.

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