Taking the decision to pursue Art Therapy as a profession, I had to leave a stable and secure corporate job (which wasn’t easy), leave home and move to New York. I had never lived alone so I experienced a lot of self-doubt at first. But through this experience I was able to connect with my authentic self and recognize my needs. Ever since, I found that although I am still growing every day, I have a much stronger sense of self and heightened awareness and curiosity about what life has to offer.
I am truly inspired by listening to other people’s journeys and narratives and allowing that to contribute to my growth. My motivation comes from supporting others, in any way that I can. I love working as a psychotherapist because I get to do this on a daily basis, but I constantly strive to extend this beyond the therapy room to my loved ones.
I am seeing small ideological shifts in the way mental health is viewed, I’d like to believe that people are starting to recognize the importance of it. In terms of the way people view me, I have learnt that each person has to go through a lot of internal work to be able to view him or herself authentically; this naturally allows people to view you the way you would like to be viewed. When you are able to see what you stand for clearly, your social and professional circle will start to see you through that, rather than through a (sometimes distorted) collective lens.
Understand what is in your control and what isn’t. Often our anxieties and distress can come from trying to control factors that are out of our control. Also, be curious, protect your energy and always be kind ☺
On Health & Movement:

Movement to me is setting something into motion. This can be ideas, truths or internal shifts. Sustainable movement, I think, comes through empowering each other. 

When I think of the word health, the word balance comes to mind. I am a true believer that this is

the key to good health; to always remain in a state of balance. We cannot avoid external forces that may affect us negatively (physically, emotionally or mentally), however, what we can do is try to retain a sense of inner balance as we go through these experiences. I personally use art and spirituality as a way to do this. They both help me externalize and process difficult experiences, and so support the process of restoring my balance.

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