Beauty, freedom, books, music, art and nature inspire me. I seek novelty in all these areas by constantly exploring new spaces, locations, tones, vibes and wisdom. 
I work in the legal industry as a lawyer. Typically our industry has been associated with crazy work hours, competitive hierarchical structures and a clearly defined definition of ´success’(´becoming a Partner’ is basically the ultimate goal). I was enjoying the ride, but I stepped away from all that three years ago to join a work format that suits my lifestyle, my need for exploration and novelty, and flexibility with my kids. The shift that I have seen in my industry is that lawyers are seeking to adapt work to life instead of life to work. In the last decade, this has very much been enabled by technology. 
Was there one specific event or turning point in your life that changed things?
Yes, when I turned my thoughts into action and started my women’s circle to help women overcome their internal struggles and support each other in doing so. It felt good to stand for something, to have a voice backed by a collective of amazing women.
Advice to young girls in the world today:
Don’t spend too much time on social media and if you do, be selective. More than ever we have access to information, be grateful for it and use it well. Learn, always learn. You have a voice. Study what makes you angry and then fight it, with love and compassion but don’t just accept what is, as what is has mostly been made and can thus be changed. Don’t spend too much time thinking of boys. Learn, do, discover, debate and question and boys will come. Try to find what makes your fire inside burn, it will be the engine for your growth. Love your body. Nurture it. Dance, oh dance!! Be enthusiastic, believe in yourself and the world! All will be well. 
On Health and Movement:
Health is feeling peaceful and powerful physically and mentally. I swim at least twice a week, eat things that are good for me and that do not mentally make me feel like a trash can, listen to my body, pray, listen to music, dance and play with my kids, sleep/nap when I can, speak up, ventilate with good friends when needed, pray more, write down stuff, make lists, check off items on my list. The aim is always to lead a frustration free life. No unprocessed feelings, no subdued anger, express and let go.
 Movement is freedom. 

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