When something is pleasing or interesting to look at, it could be literally anything, it’s very inspiring and motivating to me. I’m particularly interested in how people, especially women, cultivate and create their own beauty; that’s really inspiring to see. We all make creative decisions on how we present ourselves, so you get to be your own never-ending art project and that’s my motivation.
I think one turning point in my life was right after I finished college, I went abroad and at that young age when you’re exposed to a whole different culture other than the one that you’re used to its really enriching to your mindset and that was actually a beautiful turning point in my life and I think that has changed me and my personality up until now and I’m very grateful for that.
Advice to a young girl:
Be true to yourself. I think that is the best of advice. Not to care what people think of you and your image just go after the things that excite you and put everything in to build a world for yourself. That’s the best advice I could give to a young girl.
 On Movement & Health:
Movement, the word alone is a very strong powerful word. Movement is when you want to reach your highest potential, when you want to always move forward and invest in yourself and try to reach and become the best person you can be.
Health for me is physical and mental wellbeing, being surrounded by the right type of people and having all in all a positive lifestyle. I’m trying to be surrounded by the right type of people and trying to listen to myself and my guts and what my intuition is telling me to always guide me to healthier decisions mentally and physically. That’s health for me, that’s real health.

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