Deciding to suddenly drop out of college back in 2014 (I was majoring in IT) was a huge turning point for me, after that I took a year off just trying to figure out what I really like and am passionate about , the experience was both positive and negative at times but I’m so glad I took that step, it was worth it. I finally decided to major in the science of design\graphic design and I really love what I do now.⁣
I love to create and learn more about other creatives and their process no matter what field, I practice it by staying in touch online, reading and following many amazing artists and designers on Instagram.What I’ve noticed in the last few years is the number of creative individuals on social media. And having that community where you can share and discuss your work is really amazing,⁣ I’d love to see a shift towards more support and opportunities as at times I feel designers talent & ideas are still not taken very seriously.⁣
Always having a goal is what motivates me, and I often get inspired by things like the beauty in nature, I love the sky, catching a sunset/sunrise and meeting kind souls.⁣
Only you know what you really like and are passionate about, and that’s a journey to constantly discover. It’s okay to go at your own pace.